Audio Engagement

What is audio engagement?

Audio engagement is the use of audio content to engage with your audience: e.g., your customers, prospects, citizens, fans, followers, voters, employees, partners.

Why shoud I care?

In a world for so long dominated by screens of all sizes -- e.g., large TV sets, tablets, kiosks, smartphones, smart watches -- the emergence of audio as a serious content distribution channel may seem surprising.  Indeed, isn't audio nothing more than video minus the images?  If so, why this "regression" to audio?

This so called "regression" -- manifesting itself in the rise of podcasting, smart speakers, voice assistants on mobile phones, hearables (AirPods, Earbuds), the presence of spoken versions of articles, the rise of social audio (Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces) -- is in fact a step forward rather than a step in the other direction if one keeps in mind the bottom line of the user experience.  Indeed, the main reason why audio is seeing such impressive adoption is the same reason why mobile devices when they were first introduced met with much success.  Audio, just like mobile, enables users to do things in situations where they could not do those things before.  In the case of mobile (standard cell phones or smartphones), users could now make phone calls and check their emails outside of specific locations (their home, their work, etc.).  With audio, users now can consume content without having to look at something or touch/hold something.  Which means, now they can consume content in situations where they could not do so before: while driving, knitting, potting plants, preparing food, reading a book, etc.

For a content marketer, audio will enable the marketer to deliver value to their target audience in new situations they could not before, affording them new opportunities to create and leverage new engagement opportunities.

How can Witlingo help me use audio to increase engagement?

Witlingo is a B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that enables marketers and customer experience managers and executives to create audio content, collect it, distribute it, and monitor the metrics on such content distribution.  Users of the Witlingo Audio Studio will be able, for instance, to publish snippets of code on their websites to enable their audience to  easily post audio content.  Users will also be able to curate and publish audio content by using the many player widgets that will enable their target audience to consume that content.  For more on the Witlingo Audio Studio, please go here.

How much does it cost?

Check out our pricing here.

Any articles I can read to lean more about audio engagement?

Yes, here are some article that are worth reading:

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