Audio NFT Event #1

Title: Eveything you wanted to know about NFTs* (*but were afraid to ask)

Date: January 05, 2022

Time: 2:00 PM EST

Venue: Clubhouse

Primary target audience: Voice Actors, Comedians, Musicians, Podcasters, Microcasters, Audio Producers, and Audio Artists.

Participants: The confirmed participants for this event are: Jodi Krangle (Organizer), Ahmed Bouzid (Witlingo), Steve Wood (NFTY Token), Sumya Ojakli (Theorem^3 Advisors), and William Coburn (Gassho).

Cost: $0.00

Where to attend: Go here.

If you have a question about audio NFTs, please feel free to submit a voicegram by clicking on the "GO!" button below.

The rise of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is being dismissed by some as at best a fad, and most likely a scam, while  others see it as an important innovative use of Crypto, with potentially positive opportunities for using this technology in ways that promote the independence of artists and ensure fair compensation for their work.

This session is NOT a rara session about NFTs or Audio NFTs.  Our goal is to honestly share what we know, share our ambitions and hopes, share some of our misgivings, and most crucially, listen to the audience and honestly answer their questions to the best of our abilities.

This is the first of a series of such events.  If you would like us to notify you of future events, please go here.

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