Audio QR Codes

1. What is an Audio QR Code?

An Audio QR code is a QR code that, upon its invocation, plays an audio file that is hosted in some third party cloud.

2. Why use an Audio QR Code?

Unlike video, audio is easy to create. And unlike text, an Audio QR code takes little physical space where it appears, but delivers a great deal of information for the effort.

3. Why use Witlingo for this?

With Witlingo Audio stations, you can create audios and generate a QR code that goes with those audios right from the Witlingo studio.  No uploading or downloading.  No looking for a service that will host your audio.  No looking for a service that will create a QR code for your audio.  Record your audio and the hosting and the QR code creation are done for you.

To do this, login to your Witlingo account, go to "Audios" and there you should find the QR code associated with your audio.  Here's how it looks like:

4. Give me some practical examples.

Here are some examples:

  • You distribute flyers and you have a lot more to say than the space the flyer gives you.  You don't have time to create a video, so you create a quick audio, a QR code that goes with, it and you are done.  When someone scans the QR code on the flyer, they will get to hear your audio.
  • You send a birthday card to a friend or a loved one.  You write them a few lines -- but you want to say much more. Create an audio and include in the card a QR code to that audio.
  • You include a QR code in your newsletter or sales letter or your postcard.
  • You include a QR code on your office door, or the front door of your store, or the packaging of your product.

The sky is the limit.

If you would like to chat about how you would like to use a Witlingo Audio station, please drop us a line below.

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