Audio Stations — Did You Know?

1. Every audio is transcribed

Whether you receive it as a post or you upload it manually, every single audio is fully and automatically transcribed to text in a matter of minutes.  The text is not perfect and usually needs to be touched up by a human, but it is usually close enough that it takes only a small amount of effort to correct the text.

2. You can associate an image with every audio that you post

Yes, every single audio can be associated with a different image.  Just make sure that the image is 500 x 500 in dimensions.

3. You can post a single audio at a time

You don't have to post a whole carousel of audios.  Every single audio comes with an embed code that enables you to post it individually.  For instance, you can post an audio blurb about yourself, or about a blog post, or your service, or a product, or an offer. Just go to the page for that audio and click on the yellow embed icon then past what has been copied in the destination web page.

4. Whenever an audio is posted, you get an email

That's right!  Not only do you get an email, but you can listen to that audio post right from your email as well as accept or archive that audio.

5. You can change the background music or you can have no background music at all

We have a long and growing list of background music selections that you can set against your audio, including the option of "No Music" for those audios where adding music doesn't make sense.

6. You can socialize your audio on any platform

Each one of your audios can be shown on a responsive public page that will render nicely on any social media platform.

7. Every audio has a QR code generated for it from the moment it is created

Associating your audio with a QR code is no longer a chore.  In fact, you don't have to do anything.  Your QR code is created for you automatically.  Just download it and start using it.


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