Audio Testimonials

1. What is an audio testimonial?


An audio testomonial is a short audio clip from a satified customer or a happy partner, where the customer or partner expresses their satisfaction with you and your products and services by just speaking.  Such an audio testimonial would be available on your website for visitors to listen to.

2. Can you show me an example?


Sure.  Here's an example.

Go here to see it used in the client's website:


You can also go to our home page and scroll to the section below the client logos.  You will see there testimonials from our own satisfied clients.


3. Why audio testimonials?


If you have happy customers, make sure you give those customers a chance to brag about you.  Happy customers love to say good things about the vendors who treat them well.  So give them a way to do it that requires minimal effort of them and that lets them express themselves in a powerfully authentic way. And what is more authentic than the sound of their own voice?


4. But I already have quotes on my website.  Why do I need audio testimonials?


First, a text testimonial is flat, poor in content other than the perfunctory praise that may or may not have been written by the vendor and merely approved by the customer.


Second, everyone out there has text testimonials.  Audio testimonials will set you apart.


Third, because audio takes time to listen to, visitors will spend a longer time on your website.  More time on your key pages means a higher likelihood of conversion.


And fourth, audio testimonials show that the customer or partner was willing to make the effort to record the audio and to use their very own voice: in other words, they were willing to put themselves out there.  People don't put themselves out there unless they really mean it.


5. Actually, I was thinking about doing video testimonials.  Aren't they better than just audio ones?


Video testimonials are great, but they are a big ask of clients.  Asking a client or a partner for an audio testimonial is a far lighter ask than asking them for a video testimonial.  It is less of an imposition and the likelihood that they will come through for you is higher.

And second, because there is nothing to look at, the eyes of your website visitors are free to inspect your pages. They can listen to the testimonials as they peruse your page content.  With Video testimonials, that's not the case.


6. This sounds interesting -- what do I do next?


Apply to our Open Beta and we will get back to you.  You can do this by sending an email to or by filling out the form below.

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