Project City Listens….

Project City Listens is a crowdsourced initiative, spearheaded and managed by Witlingo in partnership with local city and county governments, to Audio Map cities and local communities.

Here's the vision.

Imagine walking to a local point of interest and being altered by a mobile app that there are audios that you can listen to right there and then about that point of interest?

It might be a famous monument, a historical place, or just a regular spot where something interesting happened.

Now also imagine walking to a point of interest in a city and being able to post your thoughts about the place using a mobile app.

You could share your feelings about the place, make an observation, provide a tip, or whatever you wish to share.

Why are we partnering with local governments?

First, local governments are key to kick starting local content by creating audio for important points of interest.

Second, they would help spread the word to community members to engage

And third, they would be able to spread the word to visitors who would be able to enjoy its content as they visit the city.

As to why would local government be interested in this?

Creating an audio tour of local points of interest is a great way to enable visitors to learn about the city with minimal effort to both the local government as well as to visitors.

It's also a great way to have the local community become engaged in audio mapping their community, and do so in partnership with their local government.

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