Community Audio Stations

1. What is a Community Audio Station?

A Community Audio Station is a digital channel that enables community administrators to communicate effectively with members of their community using both audio and text.

2. Interesting. Tell me more.

Here’s how it works.

1. Community administrators use their Witlingo Community Audio Station to create audio messages and then send those messages to the community.

2. They log into their Witlingo Studio account, record their message, ensure that the text transcription is accurate, and then, when they are ready, send that message to the members of the community.

3. Community members then receive an SMS text or a smartphone notification alerting them that a new message has been posted.

4. The community members can then click on the link provided in the text or notification, which takes them to a page where they can:

  • Hear an audio
  • Read a transcription of the audio.
  • They can also bookmark a page that enables them to access all of the messages, including the latest one.
  • They can also launch their Amazon Echo or Google Home speaker or just call into a phone number to listen to the audio recorded by the admin.

3. How does a Community Audio Station improve the quality of life of a community resident?

Instead of having to rely on paper fliers that can be lost or bulletin boards that are not easy to access, community members can access the information sent to them by administrators by just listening to audio on their phone or reading on their phone or laptop.

4. How does a Community Audio Station help a community administrator?

Using a Community Audio Station, administrators are able to efficiently reach as many residents as possible by simply sending audio messages. No designing flyers, printing, photocopying, and distributing. They simply record and send.

5. Some members of my community don't speak English.  Is this available in language other than English?

Yes.  The solution is available for most languages.

6. How much does it cost?

The offering is still in Beta mode.  We will establish pricing in the next few weeks.

7. How long does it take to set up?

Provisioning a Witlingo Audio Station happens in a matter of hours. Beyond that, it will depend entirely on the administrators to begin using their Community Audio Station. Administrators can start sending messages to their community within the same day that they have set up their station

8. Ok. This is interesting. Let’s talk some more.

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