Digital Audio: What a Market Can Do…

10 concrete things Marketers and Engagement Executives can do

1. Launch a Podcast or a Microcast

2. Tell the story of your business in a mini audio book: How you came to life, your mission, your early years, your highs and your lows, who are the people behind the company, who are your customers, what are your products, etc.  People love to listen to stories

3. Solicit audio feedback from your prospects, customers, and community members

4. Add Audio testimonials to your website

5. Add Audio Bios to your website

6. Add audio to your pages and articles

7. Launch an Amazon Echo Skill

8. Add links to audio to your newsletters and text messages  

9. Add audio to your inforgraphics

10. Launch a Multicast

For a detailed discussion on the above points, please read Chapter One of this book: The Elements of Voice First Style (O'Reilly Media, June 2022).

For more on Digital Audio, please go here.

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