The Witlingo Drill Skills

Witlingo Drill Skills leverage the power of interactive Voice First conversations to create immersive, focused, learning experiences.

The skills let you listen to a series of facts, one after the other, and then, at your command, quiz you in a rapid and continuous back and forth about the facts that you heard.  You can easily toggle between Drill mode and Quiz mode, enabling you to pace your learning at your convenience.

Here’s a video illustrating the experience:

The Shakespeare Drill


Do you know at least the titles of Shakespeare’s main plays? If you were given the hint, “A romp in the Forest of Arden, where everyone falls in love,” would you know what play it was referring to? If not, here’s a skill that will get you there. Go here and let Alexa help you.

The Important Years Drill


Quick: When did the American Civil War start? How about the Russian Revolution? The launch of the iPhone? There are certain events whose year (at least) we should know. This skill enables you to learn these important years quickly. Go here and let Alexa help you.

The Important Numbers Drill


Quick: What is the population of China? How many countries are in the UN? How many teams in Major League Baseball? If you don’t know, maybe you should? Go here and let Alexa help you.

The Greek Mythology Drill


Who was the Greek goddess of the rainbow? Who flew too close to the Sun? Here’s an easy one: How many gods lived on Mount Olympus? A bit rusty maybe? If so, go here and let Alexa help you.

The Constitution Drill


Do you know your Constitutional Amendments? You probably know all about the First and The Second, how about the Third and beyond? Blanking? No worries. Let Alexa help you learn them.

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