The Witlingo 2020 Earnest Five!

The five voice first professionals listed below are being recognized by Witlingo as The Earnest Five of the Year for 2020!

Why “Earnest”?  Because they have consistently given to the community out of earnest love for what they do.  As simple as that!

The recipents were selected from a long list of truly dedicated professionals.  We are lucky to have such an amazing community of passionate and generous fellow voice first travelers.

Jeanna Isham

For her consistent high quality output on all matters Sonic Branding and for diving deep and teaching us.  People love teachers.


Twitter:  @Jeanna_Isham

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Julie Daniel Davis

For her impressive and singular focus on all matters education, her relentless output, and her courage in starting a brand new career.  People love gutsy people.


Twitter: @juliedavisEDU

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Lisa Brandt

For her love of voice, her insights and contributions from her perspective as as voice talent and actor,  and her indomitable optimism. People love to be lifted.


Twitter: @lisambrandt

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Mark Tucker

For his bottomless generosity with his technical knowledge and his unflappable good cheer.  People love those who are never cynical. 


Twitter: @marktucker

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Shyamala Prayaga

For launching the amazing Digital Assistant Academy and its outstanding companion Podcast, ‘The Future is Spoken.  People love those who have courage, are tenacious, and show grit pushing forward, no matter what.


Twitter: @sprayaga

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Please feel free to share your voice first thoughts and ideas by recording an audio via the interface below and we will publish it on The Voice First Channel.

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