How to Launch An Alexa Flash Briefing Using Witlingo

So you want to publish an Alexa Flash Briefing, but you have no idea where to start?

Or maybe you know what to do, but it’s just too time consuming?

No worries — Witlingo is here!

Here’s what to do to get your Alexa Flash Briefing going:

(1) Download the Witlingo mobile app and log into it.

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(2) Fill out the form below.

(3) Look out for an email from the Witlingo team to finalize the launch of your Flash Briefing. It usually takes 2 days from the time you contact us to the time your Flash Briefing is live on the Alexa Skills Store.

And that’s it!

    What is a Flash Briefing?

    The Alexa Flash Briefing is a feature that is available on Amazon Alexa that allows users to subscribe to audio content that they would like to listen to quickly.

    For instance, NPR, CNN, BBC, The Motley Fool, all publish a daily Flash Briefing that Alexa customers can subscribe to.

    You too can add your own Flash Briefing and make it available to the public so that millions of Alexa customers can listen to your content alongside content from other providers.

    Why would you add a Flash Briefing?

    If you have an audience that cares about what you and you have content that you would like to share with that audience, Alexa Flash Briefing is an ideal way to engage with that audience. Whether you are posting your Flash Briefing hourly, daily, weekly, biweekly, or some other frequency, enabling your audience to add your content to their Flash Briefing is an easy way to become part of someone’s routine. Examples of Alexa Flash Briefing content would be updates from experts (health news, stock tips, political campaign news). See below for a more extensive list of examples. But the sky is the limit. If you have something to say and you have people who would love to hear from you, and hear your speak the content in your voice, Flash Briefing is ideal.

    Why use Witlingo?

    Witlingo is the easiest way for you to create audio content and deliver it to your audience. All you have to do is use the Witlingo mobile app to record your audio and the rest happens by magic.

    You don’t need to download or upload audio files; you don’t need to convert them to Amazon Alexa’s format, you don’t need to create an RSS feed or copy the link to the audio. All you need to do is record and post from your mobile app. That’s it!

    What are some examples of Flash Briefing Content?

    Here are some ways that people are publishing Flash Briefing skills:

    Content Provider Listener Example
    Author Readers of the Author’s books The author of a book on a book tour telling the audience where they will be and sharing with them the sounds of their travels and conversations. Also, the author shares thoughts on writing, on what they are workin on now, among other things.
    Coach Team members A baseball team coach shares tips, provides instructions, words of encouragement, to the team between practices and games.
    Comedian Fans Comedian lets her fan base know where she will be performing, shares thoughts about bits she is putting together, observations, etc.
    Community Organizer People who care about the Activist’s cause A community activist shares the latest updates on their cause and provides information to help organize and mobilize for change.
    Digital Marketer Reader audience In addition to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the usual social properties, the Digital Marketer manager is now also able to publish audio call outs via Alexa.
    Expert People seeking expertise An expert on what stocks to buy, which to hold, and which to sell shares their tips on a daily basis.
    Journalist Readers The journalist sharing with their audience the sounds of their workaday activities. The journalist lets their readers in on all the steps to the stopr.”}”>The journalist sharing with their audience the sounds of their workaday activities. The journalist lets their readers in on all the steps to the stopr.
    Podcaster Listeners of the podcast Podcaster posting audios between their longer form podcats.
    Political Candidate Voters and supporters and potential supporters of the candidate A congressional candidate shares several audio posts/day about issues, meetings, rallies, etc., to get out the vote.
    Preacher The congregation Preacher leaves a new short homily, quick inspirational words, between Sundays.
    Residential community coordinator Members of the residential community The community coordinator at a senior living home lets the residents know about the lunch menu, doctor visits, bus schedules, and more.
    TV/Audio Show Host TV Audience The radio host shares thoughts and info all day long before and after the show.

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