How to Post a Review of AARP Total Health Skill

This page walks you through how to review the Amazon Alexa Total Health Skill.

1. To enable the Alexa skill using your desktop, laptop, or tablet, click on this link.

2. If you are already logged into your Amazon account, go to Step 3.   Otherwise, click in on "Sign in" button the page and log into to your Amazon account.

3. Now that you are logged into your Amazon account, if you have enabled the skill, then go to Step 4.  Otherwise, first enable go here for instructions on how to enable the skill.

4. Since you have the skill enabled, you can leave a review.  But make sure that you have used the skill before so that you have a good sense of how much you like  them.

5. Scroll a bit towards the bottom until you see the "Write a customer review" button.  Click on the button.

6. At this point you simply leave a star review or your can actually write your feedback as well as leave a star review.

7. If you have any detailed feedback that you wish to share with us, feel free to send an email to


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