Lingofest: Video Presentations

Below are the presentations from weeks One and Two of Lingofest 2021.

The full program is here:

Week #2

Tomasz Jadczyk (CardioCube) — A Voice First use case: CardioCube. —

Ha-Hoa Hamano (NPR) — The lines are open: Having a conversation with the news.

Dr. Teri Fisher (The Voice Den) — Voice Marketing 101: An introduction to voice tech for small businesses, brands, and personalities.

Shyamala Prayaga (The Digital Assistant Academy) — Privacy by design in AI-enabled assistants.

Week #1

Jeanna Isham (Dreamr Productions) — Why does the marketer need to pay attention to voice/audio?

Gildie Nazari (NGEN) — Seniors, Boredom and the Joy of Agency.

Ahmed Bouzid (Witlingo) — Robotomorphism: A proposal.

Daniel Hill (Danilel Hill Media) — Transitioning from Podcasting to Micro-casting.

Debbie Dahl (Conversational Technologies) – How to be a skeptic: strategies for detecting hype in conversational applications.

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