Enabling the Total Health AARP Alexa Skill & Flash Briefing

This page walks you through how to set up both the Total Health Amazon Alexa skill and Flash Briefing.

To enable the Total Health Amazon Alexa skill, just say, "Alexa, enable Total Health."

This does not work, watch this video.

Note: You can't enable the Flash Briefing by voice.  You must follow the instructions in the video or the ones listed below.

Here's a video showing you how to enable the skill and the Flash Briefing.



If you prefer written instructions, you can find a PDF version of the document here.

You can also read the instructions below.

Enabling the Total Health AARP Alexa Skill

1. On your desktop, laptop, or tablet, go to: ​​https://alexa.amazon.com/

2. This should take you to a sign-in page that looks like this:

3. Enter your Amazon account information and click the blue “sign in” button.  Make sure that you are using the same Amazon account that you used to set up your Echo device.

This should take you to a page like this.

4. At this point, you can just click on this link and then skip to Step 8 you can click on the “Skills” menu item, indicated below with a red arrow.

5. This will take you to a screen that looks like this.

6. Now click on the search bar (indicated below by red circle) and type: Total Health AARP

7. Then click the search button (the blue hourglass button on the right).  You should now see a page that looks like this.

8. Click on the circled option.  This will take you to a page that looks like this.

9. Click the blue ENABLE button on the top right of the screen.

10. After you have clicked “enable”, this box will pop up.  Click on the switch to turn on notifications, then click the dark blue “save permissions” button.  The box should then go away.

11. You will now see a screen like this.  This means that the skill has been enabled on your device

Enabling the Total Health AARP Flash Briefing

1. Click the back button to return to the search page.  This button may look different depending on the computer you’re using.  Now you should be back on the search page.

2. Click on the second search result, titled: “The Total Health Briefing from AARP Foundation.”

3. Follow steps 8 and 9 from the first section above.

4. Next, check on the flash briefing by going to "Settings." Look for "Flash Briefing" to the right of the menu, under the “Alexa Preference” section.

5. You will see a screen like this.

6. If you’d like to have the Total Health Flash Briefing be the first one that Alexa will play for you, then click on “Edit Order”

7. Then drag the last row all the way to the top and click on done. The screen will now look like this.  Make sure you save your order.  Your screen should look something like this.

8. Now go to your Echo and say, “Alexa, Flash Briefing” and you should hear the Total Health Flash Briefing play first.

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