Witlingo for Podcasts

If you are a podcaster, how are you engaging with your podcast audience?  Sure, you may be using Twitter, Facebook, and maybe even email, but  how about giving your audience a voice to actually talk back to you?  What if you launched a companion Voice First station — an Amazon Alexa skill and/or a Google Assistant action — to your podcast that plays audio comments from your podcast audience? 

So how would this work? 

1 – You contact us (fill out the form below) so that we set you up with your very own Voice First podcast companion station.  We will launch your Amazon Alexa skill and/or Google Assistant action in less than 48 hours.

2 – Your station will show up on the list of stations that people can post onto (for free!) in their Witlingo app.  Check out the Witlingo for Podcast Listeners video below.

3 – When someone posts onto your station using the Witlingo app, you will be notified via the Witlingo app so that you can review the post and decide if you want it to be published onto your station.

4 – If you decide to keep it, then the post will be available immediately for anyone to listen to on your companion Amazon Alexa skill/Google Assistant action.

Here’s a video showing how a user of the Witlingo app can post onto a station:

And here’s a video showing how you can use the Witlingo app to manage your station.

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