Power Boost Your Power Virtual Agent (PVA) Chatbot with a Custom ChatGPT Integration

If your organization as deployed a PVA-Based chatbot and you wish to turbo charge its ability to answer questions precised and succinctly, Witling is here to help.

Let Witlingo launch a custom ChatGPT bot trained exclusievly on your content -- and only your content. Witlingo accepts web pages, word documents, PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations, and audio-visual files. If you have a podcast, just list the link to that pdcast and we will extract the audio from it.

We will work with your team to connect your PVA powered bot with your Witlingo built, hosted and maintained ChatGPT-based bot. You will be able to add, update and modify that content in any way by just logging into your Witlingo account.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact the form below. We will be happy to engage.

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