The Elevator Pitch

Podcasts, smart speakers, voice assistants, earbuds, social audio, and audio enabled content, are all part of the latest digital disruption in customer engagement: the emergence of the Sonic channel.  Marketers need to begin integrating the Sonic channel into their marketing mix and need to start doing so soon before they are left behind by more innovation-embracing competitors, as many were by the mobile and then the social media disruptions.

The Talking Points

  1. The Sonic channel is here.  Sound, audio and voice can no longer be dismissed as a passing trend.  Podcasts, smart speakers, earbuds, voice assistants, voice search, social audio, and audio enabled content, are here to stay, and there is more to come.
  2. Sound, audio and voice strike the perfect balance between effort and content: compared to text, which requires minimal effort but delivers flat, cold meaning, and video, which delivers rich meaning but for a lot of effort, voice and audio enable users to communicate a lot of content with relatovely little effort.
  3. Marketers can no longer ignore the Sonic dimension without incurring the risk of falling behind.  Customers want to engage through sound, voice, and audio, and brands had better listen.
  4. There are many ways a brand can start to establish their Sonic presence.  They can launch a podcast, an Alexa skill or a Google action; they can audio-enable their web or mobile presence; or they can launch a presence in social audio.
  5. Brands need also to be fully informed about what Sonic means and why it is important.   Creators need to learn how to design and build for compelling Sonic usability, and marketers need to understand how to market in a Sonic world.
  6. We are in the age of voice first, smart speakers, earbuds, social audio, voice ads and voice responsive ads.  Screens are going to be less ubiquitous than they are now.  So what happens when one is not looking at your brand?  How will you stand out?
  7. Sound gives brands a sensorial perspective which just strengthens the immersive experience that the current consumer is looking for.

The Language

  1. The Sonic dimension
  2. The Sonic channel
  3. The Sonic Web
  4. Voice First
  5. Sonic Branding
  6. The Sonic revolution
  7. Sonic-enable your brand
  8. Your Sonic presence
  9. How does your brand sound?
  10. Give your customers a voice -- a real voice
  11. Sound packs a lot of content punch for the effort
  12. Sound is the most inclusive of all media
  13. Sonic is the most natural of all media
  14. With conversational voice, technology is bending to our way of doing things than the other way around
  15. Sound is a universal language
  16. Sonic Marketing

Note: Wherever you see "Sonic," you can replace it with: "Sound," "Voice," "Voice First," or "Audio."

Facts & Stats

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