Sonic Resources

1. I need to do understand what 'Sonic branding' means and start taking it seriously for our brand. Where do I go?

For this, you can't go wrong with sonic guru Jeanna Isham. Check out her course: "Sound's Power & Influence In Marketing."

2. My executive team needs a research analyst to help us understand what's happening in the world of voice and sonic and make sure that they are aware of the trends. Who do I engage?

Here, the answer is obvious: Opus Research, one of the most established analyst firms on matters sound and voice, is the place to go. You can contact Dan Miller, Lead Analyst and Founder there.

3. My CTO and my executive team need to do a deep dive into Human Language Technology (Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing and Generation, Text To Speech). Is there someone you recommend that we should engage?

The go-to-person is industry veteran -- and one of the best -- Dr. Deborah Dahl .

4. I need to get my UX team trained up on Voice User Interaction (VUI) design. I see lots of places that offer training. What do you recommend?

We recommend that you check out The Digital Assistant Academy and engage with founder and CEO, Shyamala Prayaga.  They have one of the best offerings out there.

5. I want to enable my audience to hear the content that I have on my website. Who do you recommend?

We recommend Trinity Audio, one of the leaders and innovators in the space. You can connect directly with their Founder and CEO Ron Jaworski.

6. I want to launch an Amazon Alexa skill/Google Assistant action/Bixby Capsule. Where do I go?

You are there. Witlingo can help you. Feel free to contact Founder and CEO Ahmed Bouzid.

7. I need someone to help me understand this social audio thing and what to do about it for my company. Who can help?

Witlingo can help you with that too. Feel free to contact Founder and CEO Ahmed Bouzid.

8. I have some serious voice over work that I need done, is there someone you can point us to?

If you are looking for a partner who will help you with your voice over/voice actor needs, we recommend one of the leaders in the industry, NYC based Lotas Productions. Engage directly with their CEO, Jim Kennelly.

9. I want to launch a serious podcast for my company and I want to make sure that we do it just right. Who can help me?

If you want to hire an agency to help you launch a professional grade podcast, Dante32 is one of the best. Contact Founder Jenn Dudley and she would love to engage.

10. I want to connect with voice and sonic professionals. Where do I go?

The easiest wat to do this is to join this well established Linkedin group, launched more than 10 years ago by Ahmed Bouzid, industry veteran and Founder and CEO of Witlingo: "The Voice User Interface Professionals."

11. I want to watch a weekly show that will catch me up on the latest on the sonic front, can you recommend one?

We recommend Voice Spark Live. Check them out. They are fun and you will earn a couple things. (Note that Witlingo is one of the show's sponsors.)

12. I want to keep a close pulse on what's happening on the sonic front, where do I go?

First, make sure you bookmark, the premiere online source on all matters voice and sonic.

A lot of good stuff is available on the Social Audio front: Tune in to Jodi Kangle's "The Power of Sound" Clubhouse room, which airs every Wednesday at 2pm EDT, Suze Cooper's "All Things Audio" Twitter Space, which airs every Wednesday at 3pm EDT, and Bret Kinsella's "Conversational AI Happy Hour" Clubhouse room, which airs every Friday at 3:00 pm EDT.

13. I have quick questions that I want to ask once in a while -- is there a place I can do that?

Yes, chek out The Sonic Gurus, a slack channel where marketers and anyone interested in matters voice ad sonic can go to ask sonic experts about all matters sonic branding and marketing. You will find there many of the people mentioned above.

14. I want to watch presentations on topics related to audio, voice forst, and sonic.  Where do I go?

Check out Voice Events.  They track such presentations very closely.

15. How Sonic ready is my brand anyway? How do I find out?

If you really want to find out, read this.

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