Sonic Sunday — 01/09/2022

Here are a few items on matters sonic -- voice, sound and audio -- that I hope you will find interesting. As always, we would love to hear from you.  To sign up for a free Witlingo account, please go here.

1. Announcements:

  • Microcasts: If you are a podcaster, newsletter editor, or a Marketer with an audience that you are always looking for new ways to engage, consider launching a microcast.  What is a microcast and why should you launch one? To find out, go here.
  • Audio NFTs: If you are interested in starting to use the new Audio NFT minting feature, please apply here.

2. Worth a read:

3. Worth listening to: Part One of Jodi Krangle's interview of Witlingo's Ahmed Bouzid on her Audio Branding: The Hidden Gem of Marketing podcast.

4. Worth watching: The latest episode of Lingofest.  This week, it's Part Two if our interview wiith Jeff Adams, formerly Head of Speech at Amazon Alexa, a veteran from the days of L&H, ScanSoft, and Nuance, and currently, CEO at Cobalt Speech & Language, and incubator of several other speech startups..  For previous episodes of Lingofest, please go here.

5. Fun Fact: Item. Inventor Thomas Edison developed the first audio recording with his phonograph in 1877. It was a recitation of ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb.’   More fun facts here.

Guess the movie: And now for some fun! Can you tell what movie this is just from the audio? Go here and try it out.

  • The answer to last week's movie is: Brazil. We do have a winner, but the wish to remain anonymous and enjoy their mug and account in privately.

If you want to hear what people are saying about Witlingo, check out these audio testimonials:

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