Sonic Sunday — 05/02/2021

First, check out the newly launched “The Sonic Gurus” slack channel, a place where marketers can go to ask sonic experts about all matters sonic branding and marketing: The forum is free for all to join and participate in.

You should also read this interesting article on music and emotions: “Why Does Music Make Us Feel Things?

Linkedin group that our CEO, Ahmed Bouzid, launched more than 10 years ago is suddenly becoming popular (an indication that something real is happening on the sonic front). You should join in: “The Voice User Interface Professionals” —

Sonic guru Jeanna Isham is launching a course that you should consider attending if you want to get a bit deeper into Sonic and Marketing: “Sound’s Power & Influence In Marketing” —

If you want to get a first hand sense of how some marketers are leveraging the sonic medium for real, watch this show from Voice Spark Live, with Instagram expert Daniel Hill.

If you want to get a rough sense of how ready your brand is for the emergence of voice and audio, read this article: Voice and Audio in SEO: What is your Sonic Readiness Score?

On the Lingofest front, we invite you to watch and enjoy this presentation by Emily Banzhaf, titled: “Sound and Emotion: Why sound affects people and how to use it effectively.” You can find details at:

More great Lingofest presentations here:

Sonic Sunday — The Boom is Coming! is a weekly digest on interesting matters Sonic, brought to you by Witlingo.

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