Sonic Sunday — 11/28/2021

Here are a few items on matters sonic, voice, and audio, that we hope you will find interesting.  As always, we would love to hear from you.  If you have a minute, feel free to leave us a Voicegram℠.

1. Two big announcements:

a. Witlingo Audio Stations are now generally available.  Anyone can register an account and begin creating Witlingo audio stations.  If you want to create an account, please go here.

b. Witlingo will soon enable you to easily and safely mint your own Audio NFTs.  If you would like to apply for an invitation to the early access  program, please go here.

2. Insight of the week: When someone is listening to an audio on your web page, they can scroll up and down that page and look at your text and images while listening to the audio. This is not something that they can do if they are watching a video, looking at an image, or reading text, because all of those actions require their eyes, which would be occupied while watching the video, looking at the image, or reading the text. Visit our website pages to learn about how to audio enable your website.

3. Worth a read:

4. Worth a listen: Audible Equity: An Interview with Audio Branding Expert, Shez Mehra - Part 1

5. Worth watchingThe Latest episode of Lingofest. This Part Two of the Lingofest interview with Dr. Debbie Dahl of Conversational Technologies.

Guess the movie: And now for some fun! Can you tell what movie this is just from the audio?  Go here and try it out.

💥 Big Event heads up 💥: Registration for VOICE 2021 has started! To find out more and to register, please click here.  To get a 20% discount, please use code: WITLINGO20.

If you want to hear what people are saying about Witlingo, check out these audio testimonials:

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