The Witlingo Studio Key Features

1. Embedding a single audio widget into any web page

Go here and here for an example.  For SEO specialists, we have discovered that pages that have audios embedded in them, users spend longer periods of time on those pages than ones where there is no audio.  We are quantifying that difference and will be sharing it with you soon.

2. Embedding an Audio Carousel

Go here and here for examples.

3. Embedding an Audio Wall

Go here for and here for examples.

4. Adding a hyperlink to your audios in your audio stations and social artifacts

In addition to adding a visual to the audios that you publish, whether singly or part of an Audio Widget, you can now hyperlink the name associated with that audio.  For instance, this audio, which provides a short bio of Witlingo's CEO, has a link associated with it that takes you to a page providing you with more information about the speaker.

To associate a link with the Name of an Audio, just copy and pase the link into to the Link text box in the Audio page for your audio.

5. Selecting whether an audio goes to an audio widget or a microcast (or both)

Given an audio, do you wish to publish it in an audio widget (Carousel or Wall) or do you wish to publish it in a microcast (Flash Briefing, Google News Action, Podcast), or both.  Now you can select by just checking boxes in the Audio interface.

6. Publishing audios as an Alexa Flash Briefing or Google Action

All you have to do now is to copy the "Flash Briefing RSS Feed" URL for Alexa Flash Briefing or Google News Action and past it in your Alexa account (we can help you with all that) and/or you can also copy the "Podcast RSS Feed" URL and publish on all the main podcasting platforms (we can help you with that too).

7. Selecting background music for your audios (or no background music)

Adding background music to your audio is as easy as clicking on a drop down.

8. Branding your widgets with colors and visuals

You can select the color that will appear on your widgets and your recorder directly from the Station page.

9. Giving your posters the ability to record on page or to upload an audio

Now your posters can either record directly or upload an MP3.  After they click on "GO!" they will see something like this:

10. Receiving an email that includes a link to the audio and other information when someone posts an audio into your Audio Station. You also have the ability to accept or archive the audios.

The email that you will receive will look something like this:

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