How to Enable the AARP Total Health Alexa Skill

How to Enable the AARP Total Health Alexa Skill

This page walks you through how to set up both the Total Health Amazon Alexa skill

Section One: Enabling the Total Health AARP Alexa Skill

1. First try saying, "Alexa, launch Total Health."  If that works, then you are done with the skill and you can proceed to Section Two on how to enable the Flash Briefing.

2. If that doesn't work, then follow the instructions below. 

3. On your desktop, laptop, or tablet, click on this link.

4. If you are already logged into your Amazon account, you will see the page showing on Step 3. 

Otherwise, click in on "Sign in" and log into to your Amazon account.

5. Now that you are logged into your Alazon account, click on the "Enable" button.

6. This will give you a screen that looks like this.

7. Here, you want to turn on Alexa notifications by togglingo on the seuqre button.  Just click on the botton and you should now see  this.


8. Now click on "Save Permissions."  You are done!  Now you can say, "Alexa, launch Total Health" and you should be able to interact with the skill.

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