Voicebot Design

1. What is a Voicebot?

A Voicebot is a voice-powered digital assistant that engages human users using voice and sound.  For instance, Amazon Alexa is a voicebot, so is Google's Assistant, Apple's Siri, Amtrak's julie, Samsung's Bixby, as well as any of the Interactive telephony Voice Response (IVR) systems that we encounter when we use our telephone to reach out to a business.

2. Should my business deploy a Voicebot?

Chances are that your business has already deployed a voicebot.  If you have a phone number that our customers and prospects can dial and when someone dials, the first voice that they hear is not that of a live human being, then yes, your company has deployed a Voicebot.

But to answer your question: It depends. If your business gets lots of calls and people have to be put on hold because your don't have enough staff to handle the calls, and if a good portion of callers are calling for some help that can be easily automated, then yes, deploy a Voicebot. A simple example would be calls into a busy office assistant who is putting many people on hold, when a good portion of those people calling in just want to be routed to someone in the office.  Another one would be a credit card activation Voicebot.  Go here for a list of Voicebot examples.

3. I want to build a brand new Voicebot.  Can Witlingo help me?

Yes.  Witlingo has deep experience designing, developing, and launching Voicebots.  We have launched great Voicebots for HP, Dreamworks, The Motley Fool, The AARP Foundation, TD Ameritrade, and many, many other brands, known and unknown.

4. What kind of engagements is Witlingo open to?

We can engage with our clients in any way they wish: we can help them refine the target use case for which the Voicebot will be used and pinpoint value through UX research, or we can design the Voicebot from scratch, or we can implement an already designed Voicebot -- or a combination thereof.

5. What's the next step?

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