1. What is a Voicegram?

A Voicegram℠ is Witlingo's trademarked term that refers to a piece of short audio that was recorded by someone and sent to a community of listeners.

2. How does someone create a Voicegram?

A Voicegram℠ can be created through a Witlingo recording web widget or by calling into a telephone number and recording the audio over the phone.

3. Why do businesses and organizations solicit and collect Voicegrams℠?

Speaking naturally is the easiest way for human beings to express themselves, both in terms of communicating infromation as well as emotion.  For instance, companies can collect product feedback,  suggestions, ideas, endorsments, and much more, by simply enabling their customers and followers to record piece of audio that is then received by the companies and processed for semantic as well as emotive content and sentiment analysis.

4. How can I enable my community to send me Voicegrams?

To find out how to enable your community to send Voicegrams℠, please watch this video.

5. How much will this cost me?

For pricing, please go here.

6. Are Voicegrams affiliated with Instagram?

No.  Voicegrams are not in any way affiliated with Instagram.  Voicegram is a concept that was independently created by Witlingo, a company that has been in the business and the products and services that make use of it are exclusively Witlingo products and services.

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