What we do

We enable communities to speak

Whether you are a consumer product business, a non-profit, a sports franchise, a government agency, a music rock star, an influencer, your passionate community is ready and eager to engage with you. We give you an easy way to do that by enabling you to launch a Social Radio station whose content is provided by that very audience.

Yes: we enable you to literally give voice to your audience. And with that voice -- their voice -- they can tell you what they think, how they feel, and get closer to you and to your brand.

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We enable Publishers to curate

Using the Witlingo Social Radio Studio, you are able to easily curate your audience's audio submissions and decide which of them you want to publish on your radio station. You can listen to the audios, read the transcriptions, see who posted them, what their length is, and even identify those that are flagged for profanity and negative sentiment. Also: whenever someone posts an audio, you will get notified by email and you can listen to the audio right there and then and decide on what to do.

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We enable audiences to listen

Your audience sourced Social radio station is available for the world to listen to. If you want, we can host your radio station for you and provide provide your audience with a place where they can not only to listen to your station but also to chat with each other as they listen.  Alternately, you can host your station on your own properties, whether a website,  a mobile app, or a social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

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