The Women in Voice Station

Women in Voice (WiV) is an International empowerment organization for women and minority genders in voice technology, with 20+ chapters in 10 countries around the world.

We want to amplify YOUR voice as part of the WiV community and would be happy to hear from you speaking in your own voice. Using the interface below, please feel free to record an audio (:30-1:00).  We’ve included below some prompts you can respond to (or feel free to choose your own!).  Please make sure you share your name and current role.

    • How did you get your start in the Voice field?
    • What is a favorite Voice project you’ve worked on?
    • The biggest lesson you’ve learned so far working in Voice?
    • What advice do you have for other Women in Voice?
    • What excites you most about working as a Women in Voice?

We are currently updating the WiV voice experience, where these audio recordings and will be made available through a microcast, an Amazon Alexa skill and A Google Assistant action, as well as a Youtube Live station.  We will make an announcement when these stations are launched.

Coming soon, you will also be able to hear from members and supporters via “The Voice First Channel microcast” and a Youtube Live station.   Stay tuned! 

PS: For best results, use the Google Chrome browser.


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