A Use Case: The Audio Newsletter

As a business, your greatest and most precious asset are your customers: They are the only people in your company’s ecosystem, outside of your investors, who give you money rather than take money away from you. Without your customers, you are a mere aspiration, a hope that may or may not survive, notwithstanding the brilliance of your ideas, the assiduity of your team, and the generosity and patience of your funders.

That is why you must always stay close to your customers: Know who they are, why they are buying from you, what problems they are facing as they build and grow their business, what they like about what you offer and what they don’t like, and what else they wish you could help them with.

By the same token, they must also hear from you on a regular basis: Who are you, what are you building, what problems are you solving for them, what drives you, and where do you hope to take your company next?

So here is an idea that you may want to consider.

Once a week, have your CEO or some other high ranking member of your C-Suite record a one- to two-minute focused audio message that addresses your customers and prospects and that touches on something that the listeners care about.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Some new features that you are about to launch
  2. A new problem that you are solving for a new customer
  3. The story of a customer who is doing something interesting with their business
  4. The story of an employee on the front lines who went above and beyond the call of duty to help a customer
  5. An explanation for an outage or a failure and an accounting of what the company plans to do to ensure that the outage doesn’t happen again and to make whole anyone who was adversly affected by the outage
  6. Information that may be of use to your clients for their own businesses

Make sure that you don’t use the audio message to nakedly sell, brag, or undermine the competition. The best messaging is positive messaging which informs, elevates, inspires, and, most crucially, is authentic.

And why do this in audio and not just text or video?

First, hearing the voice of a human being brings to life the basic fact that a company is not a collection of artifacts: logo, a website, a Twitter timeline, photos and videos, and products and services. A company is run by human beings, and human beings relate far more to other human beings than to artificial entities such a company or its artifacts.

As for why audio and not video: simply because it is far easier to create an audio than it is to create a video. The executive can record it from anywhere, regardless of whether or not they are having a bad hair day, or the lighting is bad, or the camera does not have the high resolution that you would like videos that feature your executives to have. Moreover, video has the virtue of not demanding much from the listener’s device: it doesn’t eat up bandwidth, doesn’t require a screen, and can be played not only on phone and tablets, but also on speakers, smart or otherwise.

So start today. Use the form below and contact us and we will set you up with a Witlingo account that will enable you to launch an Audio Newsletter with minimal cost and minimal effort.

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