What is a Microcast?

What is a Microcast?

A microcast is a short form podcast whose episodes are 1 to 5 minutes long and where those episodes are published several times a week (often daily).

Why should I publish a Microcast?

In an age when the sonic channel is on the steep ascendant, a microcast is an easy but powerful way to introduce audio into your mix in a way that not only fits well with your other digital activities, but in fact amplifies them and consolidates their effect.  First, given that 74% of podcast listeners tune in to learn new things (vs. say for entertainment or for inspiration), microcasts represent an opportunity to deliver bit-sized information to a targeted, interested audience.  Second, compared to long form podcasts, microcasts are easy to create and deliver.  One easy way to create a microcast is to publish a daily round up of what you are posting on your social media.  Another way is to publish audio that you may have collected from your clients, prospects, executives, employees and partners.  Third, they are an easy way to be top of mind with your audience.  Publishing daily enables you to become part of your audience’s routine and keeps your audience close to your brand.

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Are Microcasts good for my SEO?

Yes.  If done well, a microcast is a great way for you to boost your SEO.  How?

First, if you publish your microcast on the main podcasting platforms (for instance, Apple, Google, Spotify, etc.), where in the description of your each episiode you include links back to pages of your website, you will increase the ranking of your website.

Second, if you include in your episode descriptions the right keywords about what your company does, when people search the podcast for anything related to what you do, your podcast episodes will emerge.  In other words, rather than compete only in the usual search engines, where it is very expensive to get the top spots (and even more expensive to sustain them), have a solid presence other places where people search.  And people do search in podcasts platforms.  So, why not show up there as well?

And third, by using the automatic transcription feature provided by Witlingo of the audios that you are creating. One minute of audio is about 150 words, so that 6 minutes gives you 900 words or so, which is the perfect size for a blog post.  Gather those transcriptions, edit them and then post them as blog posts or as FAQ pages, and there you have fresh content to add to your website on a regular basis.

To find out more about the benefits of Microcasts, read this article.

Why should I use Witlingo rather than any of the other podcast platforms?

Witlingo is a cloud-based Audio content management system (CMS) provider that enables you to collect, curate, package, and publish short form audio in many ways. You can publish your audio as a podcast on any of the podcasting platforms, but you can also publish it as an Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing, a Google Assistant News Briefing, as well as embed it in the form of audio stations on in your website and on social media platforms.  So, in a nutshell, Witlingo gives what podcasting platforms give you, and much more.

What are some examples of Microcasts?

Here are some examples of Microcasts.

Content Provider Listener Example
Author Readers of the Author’s books The author of a book on a book tour telling the audience where they will be and sharing with them the sounds of their travels and conversations. Also, the author shares thoughts on writing, on what they are workin on now, among other things.
Coach Team members A baseball team coach shares tips, provides instructions, words of encouragement, to the team between practices and games.
Comedian Fans Comedian lets her fan base know where she will be performing, shares thoughts about bits she is putting together, observations, etc.
Community Organizer People who care about the Activist’s cause A community activist shares the latest updates on their cause and provides information to help organize and mobilize for change.
Digital Marketer Reader audience In addition to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the usual social properties, the Digital Marketer manager is now also able to publish audio call outs via Alexa.
Expert People seeking expertise An expert on what stocks to buy, which to hold, and which to sell shares their tips on a daily basis.
Journalist Readers The journalist sharing with their audience the sounds of their workaday activities and what it takes to deliver a story.
Podcaster Listeners of the podcast Podcaster posting audios between their longer form podcats.
Political Candidate Voters and supporters and potential supporters of the candidate A congressional candidate shares several audio posts/day about issues, meetings, rallies, etc., to get out the vote.
Preacher The congregation Preacher leaves a new short homily, quick inspirational words, between Sundays.
Residential community coordinator Members of the residential community The community coordinator at a senior living home lets the residents know about the lunch menu, doctor visits, bus schedules, and more.
TV/Audio Show Host TV Audience The radio host shares thoughts and info all day long before and after the show.

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