Audio for News Organizations

The ability to easily capture audio, curate it, and then share it on your digital properties opens up a whole world of possibilities to news organizations for delivering rich content in meaningful and novel ways.

Collect Feedback from your listeners

If you publish podcasts or air news or talk shows, you can give your listeners the opportunity to easily post audio feedback by going to a web page that is on your website.  

The listener would simply go to a web page on your website, click on a button on that page, speak, and then click on a button when they are finished speaking.  Their audio would then be immediately posted to your witlingo account where you can login to listen to it and decide how to use it if you want to use it.

Here’s a video showing how this works:

Audio Enable your Website

Imagine someone visiting your website and consuming your content while walking, jogging, or whenever their eyes and hands are busy.  How to do that?  Use Witlingo to add an audio to each of your main pages and then add a Witlingo widget that you can embed on your page that will play the audio of the pages that you want your visitor to listen to.

Bio Snippets

Another interesting use case is to publish next to the bios of your reporters and other staff a short audio in the voice of the reporters/staff members.

Article Intros

Here, the idea is to listen to the author of an article or a blog post provide some context or share some tidbits in their own voice about the post or the article.

Short interviews in articles

One can also augment articles and blog posts with audio were the reader can listen to an extended version of say a quick quote that was published in the article.  Listening to the tone of voice of people speaking, with the original background sound of the recording, enriches the context for the reader.


A multicast is a podcast that consists of people sharing their thoughts on a specific topic. 

Imagine publishing listener answers to a "question of the week" or "tip of the month" and publishing the collection as a podcast in its own right, or as a segment withing a podcast.

Check this out for an example.

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