The Sonic Voices Multicast

1. What is The Sonic Voices Multicast?

The Sonic Voices Multicast is a monthly podcast that lets listeners hear what several pioneers in the field of human language technology, voice first, audio, sonic branding, and other adjacent specialties, are up to.  Each pioneer will speak for about 1 to 3 minutes to answer "the question of the month" or to fill in the audience on what they are doing and thinking about as they push forward with building for a new emerging Sonic world.

2. I have been invited to participate.  How do I submit my audio?

Click on the "Go!" button below and record.

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3. How often can I record an audio?

Whenever you have something to say, please feel free to come to this page and to post something. Don't confine yourself to once a month.  Record whenever the muse visits you and you want to share.

4. What should I talk about?

Every month will have a theme, so see the prompt below for what we would to hear you talk about this month.

5. How long can I talk?

Please do keep it to less than 3 minutes (ideally 2 mins).

6. Who is participating?

Here are the current participants: Ahmed BouzidAudrey Arbeeny, Benjamin McCullochDeborah Dahl, Emily BanzhafJim KennellyJulia AndersonKane SimmsLeor Grebler, Lisa Falkson, Loyd Ford, Maria Aretoulaki, Nick Sawka, Rebecca EvanhoeRoger KibbeShyamala PrayagaSteve Keller, and Supriya Kulkarni.

7. Where can I listen to episodes of the Sonic Voices Multicast?

Please go here.

8. What is the topic of the upcoming episode?

Here's the prompt for February, 2022:

Pick a sound that has meaning to you, that makes you feel something (good or bad), let us hear it, and then tell us why you picked it and what it means to you.  To make things interesting: no music please.

Meantime, here are the latest thoughts from the contributors.

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