Sonic Sunday — 05/30/2021

Here are a few items on matters sonic, voice, and audio, that we hope you will find interesting.

1. On Clubhouse this coming Tuesday, June 1st, 2021 at 12:00 noon EDT -- "Society of Sound Thinking," moderated by Steve Keller from Pandora I also recommend following Suze Cooper's Twitter Space, which airs every Wednesday at 3pm EDT, and Bret Kinsella's Clubhouse room, "Conversational AI Happy Hour," which airs every Friday at 3:00 pm EDT.

2. Worth a read: "Facebook, Twitter and a future of social that’s increasingly audio" --

3. Listen to this episode of The Future is Spoken podcast, where Shyamala Prayaga interviews's Bret Kinsella

4. This week, Voice Spark Live welcomes Cynthia Holcomb, founder of Prefeye. They discuss matters relating to Voice, eCommerce, and sensory-preference intelligence.

5. This week's Lingofest presentation, "Soundscaping Voice Design," was given by ethnomusicologist Nicolo Scolieri. You can watch it here:

For past Lingofest presentations, go to:

You can find additional Sonic Resources here:

Sonic Sunday -- The Boom is Coming! is a weekly digest on interesting matters Sonic, brought to you by Witlingo.

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