Sonic Sunday — 07/10/2022

Below are a few thoughts and items on matters sonic -- voice, sound and audio -- that we hope you will find interesting.

1. Quote of the week: "According to [Audrey] Arbeeny, companies that do holistic sonic branding legitimately and well go across all touchpoints to ensure [that] sound [is] connected and reflective of one brand. She compares it to the different shades of a Crayola pencil box and brands working out what shade of green they sound like in every aspect of engagement. "  For more, please go here.

2. Worth reading:

3. Worth attending: A Clubhouse event hosted by Jodi Krangle coming up this Wednesday, July 13th, 2022 at 2:00 PM EST.

  • Topic: The Power of Digital Audio for Customer Engagement
  • Panel: Joining Jodi will be Audrey Arbeeny, Ahmed Bouzid, Jeanna Isham, and Steve Keller.

4. Worth watching:

5. Post an audio: We are collecting the Sounds of Summer '22.  If there's a sound that you would like to share that captures for you the sound of Summer,  please go here share it with us.  At the end of the summer, we will publish The Summer 2022 Audio Wall soundcasing the audio submitted to us.

Last couple of things:

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