Sonic Sunday — 08/15/2021

Here are a few items on matters sonic, voice, and audio, that we hope you will find interesting.

1. Last week, we posted a Linkedin poll, where we asked the question: " If Amazon were to ask you to pay $1.99/month to continue using Alexa, would you pay it?"  The results are in: a whopping 93% said "No!"  The poll reveived 152,860 views and 3,080 votes, and garnered 150 comments.  You can dive into the discussion here.

2. Ahmed Bouzid, Founder and CEO of Witlingo, published a piece on Talking Influence where he argued "Why Social Audio is Not a Fad."  You can also hear him on the latest episode of the All Things audio podcast.

3. The second essay published by Ahmed Bouzid this week can be read here: "Five Lessons Voicebots Have Taught Me"

4. Read this piece by sonic brading agency Sonic Brand:  titled: "The Walt Disney Company: How the sound of Disney makes it the “Most Magical Place on Earth.”

5. Worth watching is this fascinating Youtube video titled: "Success in reaching short-term emotion regulation goals during music listening."

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