Three Basic NFT Questions….

We are seeking input from NFT experts and practitioners to feature in our Microcast, The NFT Flasher on Amazon Alexa.  This initiative is part of our upcoming launch of The Witlingo Audio NFT Marketplace.

Here are three questions we would love your answers to:

  1. Tell us about your interest in NFTs and in what way you are involved in the space.
  2. There is clearly a lot of hype surrounding NFTs and currently, most people believe that NFTs are dubious at best, and maybe even a scam.  How would you address such skepticism?
  3. Can you share one or two examples where NFTs are solving concrete, real-life problems?

Please click on the "Go!" button below and then either record directly from your browser or, if you prefer, upload an MP3 recording.  Please keep your recording to 5 minutes or less.  Make sure you end by telling people how they can connect with you directly.

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