Witlingo Engage™

At Witlingo, we believe in creating vibrant and connected senior communities through innovative solutions.

Our flagship product, Witlingo Engage™ allows activity staff to effortlessly orchestrate weekly contests that bring joy and engagement to residents.

Picture this: every day, residents receive a stimulating question via text SMS on their phones. The resident with the highest number of correct answers by the week's end triumphs, winning a $10 gift card!

To make it even more seamless, our platform handles the entire process. Once the community activity staff adds participants, Witlingo takes charge of sending questions, collecting answers, and calculating the winner. All that's left for the staff is the delightful task of handing the gift card to the victorious resident once a week.

And here's the cherry on top—Witlingo provides the gift cards! Specify your preferred business, and we'll handle the rest, delivering them to you at no charge.

Affordable Packages Tailored to Your Needs

Curious about the cost? Witlingo offers several packages starting from just $99 per month, with additional features available as you see fit. Discover more about our pricing options here.

Unlimited Connectivity, No Strings Attached

Worried about limits? With Witlingo, there's no cap on the number of texts and phone calls you can send using our platform. Enjoy unlimited connectivity and foster a sense of community without restrictions.

Flexible Subscription, Hassle-Free Setup

Concerned about commitments? Relax, as Witlingo offers a month-to-month subscription. Pause and resume whenever you need, with the added benefit of a discount if you choose a one-year commitment. Setting up is a breeze – just add the names and phone numbers of your residents, and you're ready to roll. Whether you have a spreadsheet or need to add them individually, we've got you covered.

Connectivity Beyond Boundaries

Wondering about device compatibility? No need for Wi-Fi—all your residents require are their phones, whether they're smartphones, flip phones, or trusty landlines.

Multilingual Support and a Trusted Foundation

Our commitment extends to inclusivity. Beyond English, Witlingo supports a variety of languages, fostering a sense of community for diverse residents. Based in Northern Virginia, our company was launched in February 2016, bringing years of experience to redefine the way communities connect and engage.

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