We are a McLean, Virginia based company focused on building products and solutions that make it easier for companies, organizations of all sizes, as well as individuals, to deliver a voice presence in The Voice First Web.

We are preferred partners of Amazon, Google and Samsung and we deploy on all three Voice platforms: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby.

We believe that Voice First is the next iteration in the evolution of User Interfaces and our mission is to help Voice Enable the World.

For some reasons why you should work with us to build your Voice First Web presence, go here.

We have built a team of product managers, field researchers, voice experience designers, Alexa skills developers, Google Home action developers, and testers who are passionate about delivering compelling, value delivering products and solutions. Our team hails from the Alexa team, Google, Microsoft, Zynga, with advisors from Capital One, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Learn more about the team here: https://witlingo.com/team/

In addition, to advance our mission of voice-enabling the world, an important part of what we do is evangelizing through our non-profit organization: The Ubiquitous Voice Society.

You can see past and upcoming events here: https://witlingo.com/events

Our CEO — Ahmed Bouzid — is a veteran of the Speech, Natural Language, and Voice space and has spoken and written extensively on Voice User Interaction (VUI) Design. His latest book is a primer on designing for voice. The book is titled “Don’t Make Me Tap” and is available on Amazon.com.

Last but not least let us know how we can help by dropping us a voice message via the below:

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