About Witlingo

We are a McLean, Virginia based, B2B SaaS company focused on building products and solutions that make it easier for companies, organizations of all sizes to deliver highly usable, business-impacting human language technology-basesd products and solutions.

Some key facts about us:

  • Date we launched: February 2016.
  • Our HQ: McLean, Virginia.
  • Our CEO & Founder: Dr. Ahmed Bouzid.
  • Our key partners: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Samung, and Twilio.
  • Some of our clients (a partial list): The AARP Foundation, The Motley Fool, Amazon, Microsoft, HP, PNC Band, TD Ameritrade, Dreamworks, Volunteers of America, and Meetup.
  • Why we exist: We empower our clients to easily and affordably build and deploy highly usable solutions, such as: ChatGPT based chatbots, Amazon Echo skills, IVR Voicebots, Microcasts, and embedded digital audio.
  • Our business model: We a subscription service.  Our customers pay month to month and can cancel at any time, no charges or fees.  For our pricing, please go here.
  • Why Witlingo: We have a track record of success and have been around since 2016, we count some of the largest brands among our long list of satisfied clients, our products are designed to be easy and intuitive to use, and we are affordable.

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