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The Alexa Story Moves to the Next Level!

By Witlingo | November 22, 2021

Major Kudos to The The Washington Post‘s Alexa Juliana Ard for an amazing exposé and for the tremendous amount of work that was evidently poured into it. And so the “Alexa” conversation now goes to a whole new level. This is a solid, sober piece of reporting that needs to be taken seriously by anyone who cares about […]

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Guess The Voicegram℠

By Witlingo | November 14, 2021

By Ahmed Bouzid, Founder and CEO @ Witlingo, Inc. In a recent essay about what makes voice and audio different from other mediums, I made the general statement that it is nonsensical to talk about “inherent shortcomings” and “inherent strengths” of a medium, but only about strengths and shortcomings of such mediums within the context […]

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Audio: Where can Marketers Begin?

By Witlingo | October 31, 2021

With the rapid rise of podcasting, the emergence of smart speakers and earbuds, and the bursting into the scene of social audio, we can now safely declare that audio has arrived as a digital channel in its own right. But becoming aware of a disruption, a pattern, or something new that does not neatly fit […]

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The Power of Audio Testimonials

By Witlingo | October 16, 2021

Audio is on the sharp ascendant and there are many goods reason why. But the two core reasons why it’s on the ascendant are: People want to hear authentic content (they are tired of hashed and rehashed celebrity tinsel) and they want to do it with minimal effort and have access to it no matter […]

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Flash Opinion: Minds behind Bars…

By Witlingo | October 11, 2021

October 10, 2021 By Ahmed Bouzid (Founder & CEO at Witlingo) One of the (many) ill consequences of mega Tech companies hording talent and operating in top secrecy is the near absolute muzzling that they impose on their engineers, product managers, designers, researchers, etc., in freely engaging the world. Anything that they talk about needs to be […]

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Flash Exchange with Dr. Debbie Dahl: On ‘Friendly’ Voicebots

By Witlingo | September 24, 2021

Ahmed Bouzid: I posted the following for this month’s Sonic Voices Multicast, which triggered this quick exchange between Dr. Deborah Dahl and myself over email. First, the post and then the exchange. Dr. Deborah Dahl: I loved your post and I agree 100%. I would add that an overly friendly bot is not terribly different […]

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How Voice Search and Marketing Can Improve Your Business

By Witlingo | September 3, 2021

September 5, 2021 Nothing in the world continues without evolving. With the rise of the Voice First Web, it is becoming crucial for businesses to optimize for voice searches and take advantage of voice marketing. Failing to do so can lead to missing a vast segment of the population. Understanding the Extent of The Voice […]

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The “Alexa” Backlash

By Witlingo | August 21, 2021

August 21, 2021 By Ahmed Bouzid (Founder & CEO at Witlingo) As you may know — or perhaps not — several mothers of children named “Alexa” are agitating for Amazon to drop the name “Alexa” for something that is not a name that a human being uses. A few articles have been recently published on this, and […]

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Sound and Language: Homogeneity and Decentalization

By Witlingo | August 7, 2021

August 7, 2021 By Ahmed Bouzid (Founder & CEO at Witlingo) Once in a while (but not often enough) someone says something that moves forward your underanding of something that is important to you. This happened to me this past Tuesday [August 3, 2021] on Steve Keller‘s weekly Clubhouse room (Society of Sound Thinking) when Roger Sho Gehrmann, one of […]

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