Sonic Sunday — 07/03/2022

Below are a few thoughts and items on matters sonic -- voice, sound and audio -- that we hope you will find interesting.

Witlingo 4.0 is now generally available: The Witlingo Audio platform continues to evolve thanks to the great feedback that we regularly receive from our customers.  For a summary of the main highlights on the upgrade, please go  here.

1. Quote of the week: "Tapping into emotions has been used for centuries to encourage action, and that custom hasn't changed in the digital age. In 2022, we will see a shift from simply using words to talk about a product or service but placing a greater emphasis on how it makes your customers feel."  For more, please go here.

2. Worth reading:

3. Worth listening to: The strategy behind sonic logos, like Netflix’s startup chime (Marketplace, with Kai Ryssdal and Maria Hollenhorst).

4. Worth watching: The latest episode of Lingofest. This past week, we premiered Part Two of our interview with Benjamin McCulloch, Freelance Conversation Designer and Audio Specialist.

5. Post an audio: Since summer -- the season of sun and fun -- is here, we want to try something new. We want to collect as many voices as possible, each with its own quirky character and accent, saying the following sentence: "If we don't pay attention and make the most of it, Summer will be over and you will be left holding the sunscreen bag!  That's all I have to day!" Say it any way you want and have fun with it. Please go here share your post.  The Summer Audio Wall will showcase the audios posted.

Last couple of things:

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