Sonic Sunday — 07/18/2021

Here are a few items on matters sonic, voice, and audio, that we hope you will find interesting.

1. Pause what you are doing and read this: An Illustrated Ode to Attentiveness and the Art of Listening.

2. A couple of interesting articles:

3. Watch Nicholas E. Sawka's presentation on Voice Gaming in this week's edition of Lingofest Friday.

4. A couple of interesting Linkedin Threads on Voice First and Sonic matters:

5. Witlingo is in the process of launching a new offering called Audio Testimonials.  If you want to find out more, or to launch your own audio testimonials, please go here:

You can find additional Sonic Resources here:

Sonic Sunday -- The Boom is Coming! is a weekly digest on interesting matters Sonic, brought to you by Witlingo.

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