Witlingo – 3.0 Release Notes

We are happy to announce that The Witlingo Studio offer is now generally available for anyone who wishes to register.

To register, please go here: https://radio.witlingo.com/admin/auth/register

New features and enhancements in this release

In addition to several enhancements, here are some new features that we are now making generally available.

1. The ability to create and publish Amazon Flash Briefings and Google Assistant News actions.

2. The ability to easily select the audios that you want to include in your Audio Station and which to exclude.

3. In addition to posting your audios individually and as part of a horizontal carousel, you can now published them as an Audio Wall.  Here's an example of an Audio Wall.

4. We have expanded our library of background music for our Enterprise account customers.

5. We have simplified audio station creation process.

New features coming soon

1. The ability to mint NFTs against audios.

2. The ability to publish you audios as micro-casts on all the main podcasting platforms.

3. The ability to upload custom background music.

4. The ability to customize the emails sent to people who post to your channel.

Some useful information

We are always eager to hear from out customers.  If you have any suggestions, feedback, please use the form below or email us directly via support@witlingo.com.

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