Witlingo – 3.4 Release Notes

Thanks to the great feedback from our customers and the hard work of our Product and Engineering teams, we are continually adding new features and enhancements.

Below are the release notes for the Witlingo Audio Studio 3.4 upgrade.

To register to Witlingo Audio Studio, please go here: https://radio.witlingo.com/admin/auth/register

1. The ability to randomize the displaying of audios in Witlingo audio widget. Up to now, audios were displayed with the youngest audio first. This worked well for use cases where it was important to display the audios with the most recently created first (such as updates, newsletters, etc.).  But in use cases where the order was not important and where visitors needed to see different audios when they visit a page, we have now given our customers the ability to select the display of audio in random order.

The feature is available in your Audio station:

2. A new widget called Audio Spotlight is now available.  This widget can be used for those use cases where the customer wishes to spotlight audios one at a time.

3. We have cleaned up the single audio post page so that now, when you publish a link to a single audio, it will look something like this: https://radio.witlingo.com/share/dGFBMHN3NU94RkhZc25ORWZsNTFxZz09

4. We have also cleaned up the look and feel of Witlingo tweets so that now, they look something like this: https://twitter.com/didou/status/1487598617485529093

Some useful information:

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