Witlingo – 3.5 Release Notes

Thanks to the great feedback from our customers and the hard work of our Product and Engineering teams, we are continually adding new features and enhancements.

Below are the release notes for the Witlingo Audio Studio 3.5 upgrade.

To register to Witlingo Audio Studio, please go here: https://radio.witlingo.com/admin/auth/register

1. Audio Spotlight: We have now added the ability to publish your audio as a Spotlight, a widget that enables you to provide greater prominence to individual audios.  To see a Spotlight in use, please go here.

To add an Audio Spotlight to your website, go to the Stations page in your Witlingo Studio and copy and paste the embed code in the Audio Spotlight text box.

2. Default Audio link: You can now specifiy in Settings a link that can be associctaed with your audio by default.  You can always override that link with a link that you provide specifically for an audio.

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