Sonic Sunday — 10/03/2021

Here are a few items on matters sonic, voice, and audio, that we hope you will find interesting.

1. The latest from Witlingo: Witlingo Stations are now generally available.  Register and try us out.

2. Listen to the latest episode of The Sonic Multicast.  This episode asks the question: Can we be friends with voicebots?

3. Worth reading: Ahmed Bouzid of Witlingo interviews AI Artist Vladimir Alexeev

4. Worth watching: Ahmed Bouzid of Witlingo interviews KQED's Lowell Robinson: Watch Part One of the interview here.

5. Also always interesting: The latest episode of Voice Spark Live: Nick, Ben, and Emily will be taking a look at Dominos Pizza, Kasa TP-Link, and Fresh Cart!

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Sonic Sunday -- The Boom is Coming! is a weekly digest on interesting matters Sonic, brought to you by Witlingo.

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