Sonic Sunday — 12/19/2021

Here are a few items on matters sonic -- voice, sound and audio -- that I hope you will find interesting. As always, wee would love to hear from you.

1. Announcements

  • We are happy to announce that the Witlingo 3.0 platform is now genetrally available.  Please go here for the full release notes.
  • To pick one especially neat thing from the 3.0 release: In addition to the ability to publish Amazon Flash Briefings and Google News Actions, Witlingo customers are now able to publish the new Audio Wall widget.  Here is an example of an Audio Wall.
  • You can now register for free -- no payment information asked for the free package -- by going here.

2. Fact of the week: 59 percent on US teens and 36 percent of adults use voice search while watching TV and 22 percent of teens admit to using it while in the bathroom.

3. Worth a read:

4. Worth listening to: Sound In Marketing: Episode 100 - What I Have Learned So Far

5. Worth watching: The latest episode of Lingofest.  This week, we interview Prof. Roger Moore, Chair of Spoken Language Processing at The University of Sheffield.

Guess the movie: And now for some fun! Can you tell what movie this is just from the audio? Go here and try it out.

If you want to hear what people are saying about Witlingo, check out these audio testimonials:

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