Witlingo Audio Stations – 1.4 Release Notes

New features in this release

1. We have streamlined the audio station updating process.  All that the user needs to do now, once they have changed something about their station (for instance the background music or the color scheme) is to click "Save".

2. Additionally, to make sure that the station owner knows when their station has been updated, an email is sent to them alerting them that the station update process completed.

3. The profanity feature is now fully implemented.

4. We have removed from the email that is sent to the poster of an audio the following sentence,"We will let you know as soon as we have completed our review."

5. We have added 40 new background music options.  You can try them out in the "Station."

6. Please note that for best results, all images and photos that are uploaded should be for format 500 x 500.

New features coming soon

1. The ability to more easily select audios to include in your audio station (for instance, you Audio Testimonials).

2. The ability to create a QR code against an audio.  Several of our clients have asked for the ability to post a QR code that would, when scanned, enable users to listen to an audio they recorded.  This is most useful in IRL situations such as greeting cards, business establishments, teacher office doors, museums, and many other situations.  Thank you once again to our very creative Beta users for the use case.

3. The ability to customize the emails sent to people who post to your channel.

4. The ability to publish an Alexa Flash Briefing.

5. Having the transcription of an audio associated to an audio via the "Alt" tag for accessibility purposes.

Many thanks to our Beta users for their very valuable input.

Some useful information

We are always eager to hear from out Beta users.  If you have any suggestions, feedback, ideas, please feel free to go here to share your thoughts.

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